Here's what our clients have to say...

" We were overwhelmed by their efficiency, demeanor and professionalism..."

" They always listened to what we wanted and needed — either when selling or buying our home - and never pressured us on something we didn't want."

" We have not hesitated to recommend them to our friends in the past, and will continue to do so in the future."

" I would not be in my home today were it not for their hard work and being on top of the market!"

" Duane, Debra and Kelly offer experience, knowledge, professionalism, follow-through, attention to detail and industry connections — it's the difference between facilitating and selling.

" Take the time to fully explain all the complexity of real estate transactions."

" Fight for what's right. I want them in my corner because they care about me and what's in my best interest no matter what."

They told us the truth, whether it was good news or not so good news. I appreciated the honest and constant communication and had full confidence in their ability to handle any situation that came up."

" Hire The Van Leeuwen Team and let them do their job. They have your best interest foremost in their minds. I tell everyone what an enjoyable experience it was selling and buying and they think I'm crazy because most of their experiences were terrible. Treat yourself and call Duane, Debra and Kelly for all of your real estate dealings. They go way above and beyond for you. I'm more than a client, I'm a raving fan!!!"

" Oddly enough, I encountered The Van Leeuwen Team when they represented the buyer on my home. Suffering the usual seller anxieties, I approached their presentation on behalf of their buyers with no small amount of defensiveness. In no time however, they won my respect for their objective yet sensitive approach to my real estate transaction. I was clear they'd done their homework and negotiated fairly and reasonably... Later, when buying again, I sought out Duane, Debra and Kelly to be my ally this time! Having them on my team for brainstorming or transacting has been one of the smartest personal investments I've made..."

" The word "I" does not exist in The Van Leeuwen Team's vocabulary. They are team players and everything is considered "WE" — They would not do anything to you or for you that they would not do or have done to themselves! They communicate; they are kind, considerate, and passionate. They are do it now people and they deliver what they promise and more! Call The Van Leeuwen Team, you'll be glad you did!"